Freezer Recipe: Coconut Lime Chicken

coconut lime chicken

Lately I have been trying to fit in a little experimenting with some freezer recipes in all that spare time I have.  That was quite funny wasn’t it?  Well, we are all in the same boat at times.  Short on time and long on a list to do, but we can always prepare a freezer meal or two at a time.  I find it much easier and just as rewarding to get a meal or two in the freezer while I am already cooking something else.  Freezer meals make life easier and keep us out of the drive thru line.

For me it is helpful to have any recipe ready to go whether it is a freezer to slow cooker recipe, freezer to oven recipe or a freezer to grill recipe.  After publishing the post on Meal Ideas For Busy People, I decided it was time to try this recipe.  I kept looking at it thinking it was going to be easy to get in freezer and quick to cook.  It also goes along well with our family’s quest to overcome rising grocery prices.  I mean, I can buy chicken at rock bottom prices and have this prepared and ready to go in the freezer. Many times I find chicken breast or thighs near the sell by date for a big discount.

This delicious Coconut Lime Chicken recipe is a tasty freezer to grill recipe that deserves your attention, and was great paired with lime rice and a vegetable.

I used boneless chicken breasts, but you can also use boneless thigh meat.  Thigh meat is dark meat, but will usually be a bit moister after grilling.

This recipe was adapted from the original recipe at Living Well Spending Less.

coconut lime chicken ingredients


Coconut Lime Chicken (Coconut Lime Chicken Printable PDF)


Juice from 4 Limes
¼ cup olive oil
1 Can Coconut Milk
4 Cloves Garlic, pressed
¼ tsp Ginger
2 tsp Seasoned Salt
1 tsp Black Pepper
4 – 4 1/2 lbs. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts or Thighs
2 Gallon Size Freezer Bags, labeled with recipe name, cooking instructions and date

Trim chicken and divide equally between 2 freezer bags.  In bowl, wisk together lime juice, olive oil, coconut milk, garlic, ginger, seasoned salt and pepper.

Divide the liquid mixture between the two freezer bags of chicken.  Flatten to get as much air out as possible without leaking out mixture, and then seal bags.  Store in freezer until ready to use.

Thaw in refrigerator overnight and then grill about 6-8 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of your meat.

HINT:  If my chicken breasts are thick, I will often butterfly them (cut thickness in half) before freezing. 

freezer coconut lime chicken

I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as we did.  My kids are already requesting that I make it again.  Since it was so easy, it will make the list of go to recipes.

What are your thoughts on freezer recipes?  Do you have a favorite you would like to share?     

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Freezer Cooking: Putting Homemade Meals In The Freezer

I have been reading other blogger’s freezer cooking posts for a while now, thinking it would be so great to get some meals into the freezer, but an actual day where I just cooked meals for the freezer is not in the realm of possibility for me.  Not only is it just not possible, but I just don’t want to cook all day. Never Ever!  I like cooking, but I think an all day jam session might put me over the top.

Truthfully, I was also putting it off because the image of age old freezer burnt items in the freezer just didn’t appeal to me.

Everything I read kept telling me that freezer cooking is different nowadays.  So I guess that meant I needed to give it a try.

So that’s when I decided that I can do short freezer cooking sessions like Money Saving Mom does in her Freezer Cooking In An Hour Series.  I could even start cooking double meals and freezing the second one.  What an excellent idea.

freezer noodle bake

I started my freezer cooking adventures with this Sour Cream Noodle Bake after watching The Pioneer Woman’s episode on freezer cooking.  I figured if Ree liked it, then I would too, because I haven’t found anything Ree makes that I haven’t liked!

This noodle bake is so simple but yet very delicious.

I doubled the recipe and had a sizeable batch for supper and a 9 x 11 foil pan for the freezer.  I have since made the recipe (doubled) again and froze 1 – 9 x 11 pan and 1 round pan and I had enough for supper.

I did a little freezer cooking research and decided that I would let them cool for no more than 2 hours on the counter and then chill them in refrigerator for a little while before freezing.  This should cut down on ice particles forming on your meals from condensation.

I topped my pans with foil and then secured it with a wrap of plastic wrap.  May be overkill but it would be a waste of money to end up with freezer burnt meals.

freezer cooking

The next night I cooked this Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole and was able to put 2 – 9 x 11 foil pans and one round pan in the freezer.  We also had enough for supper that night. I have made this before (it was my first actual freezer cooking attempt in years) and froze the portions in 4 zipper freezer bags.  This recipe is also simple, but very tasty.

I then made some breakfast for the freezer in the form of Baked French Toast.  This recipe is absolutely delicious.  Maybe too good!  Great for a weekend breakfast for the family.  I added blueberries to the pans before freezing and was able to make 2 foil pans for the freezer with one batch of this recipe.

I also added some cooked ground beef and ground chuck to the freezer for tacos, spaghetti and other recipes needing cooked beef.

We have really enjoyed having some freezer meals or pre-cooked items ready for us.  It has definitely kept us form going out to eat or running to the store a few times.  Not only that, but it’s a great way to save time.  I find that it’s really no more difficult to cook a double or triple batch than it is to cook one.

college girl freezer meals

The round pans were the perfect size for my busy away at college girl.  She doesn’t get much time for much cooking, so these are great for her to have ready and waiting in the freezer.

So now that freezer cooking is a lot more appealing to me, I plan to keep it going.  Trying new recipes and ideas as I go and sharing with my wonderful readers.  I may not always have a bunch of time to get it done, but a little effort here and there will add up to a significant amount.

If you need more ideas, checkout this informative post I did earlier this year on Freezer Cooking to save money in 2013.

Have any freezer cooking recipes or ideas you want to share?    

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30 Ways To Save Money In 2013

Want to save money in 2013?  I have 30 ways you can save money to help save for your goals.  Maybe you have debt to pay off, or you need to fund an emergency fund or just want to save money.  There are many things you can change or implement that can help you save money.

Save Money
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  1. Drink water – forget expensive juice and sports drinks, water is free and healthy.
  2. Cut out paper products – paper products are expensive and are just going to get thrown away.  Why not help the environment while saving money and just use the dishes you have.  It doesn’t cost very much to wash the dishes or run the dishwasher.
  3. Try your hand at cloth diapers.  I wish I had been more frugal and educated about using cloth diapers when mine were little.
  4. Use cash – using cash lets you actually see how much you are spending.  When you just swipe that plastic debit or credit card, you don’t really realize how much you are spending.  It’s just harder to give up cash.  Don’t just get a bunch of cash out of your account, get enough to fund the categories in your budget where cash is feasible.  Put the money into an envelope for each category and only spend it for those things.
  5. Stay home – without the temptations of shopping sales, windows etc, you will ultimately save money.
  6. Unsubscribe – do you really need to get those sale alerts for those stores in your email?  It’s just really another temptation to spend money.  If you need to buy something in the future, you can check out retailmenot for printable coupons and online codes.  You can also check stores websites before you go.
  7. Get organized – how many times have you bought something because you thought you didn’t have the item and then wound up finding it later?  Getting organized will help you find things you already have, find things to get rid of and find things you no longer use that you could sell.
  8. Meal plan – just walking into the store and buying groceries without a list or plan is just a recipe for budget disaster.  I am sure there are a select very few that can go without a list and come home with just the items needed for a week of meals, but chances are you are like the normal shopper, you need a list and a plan.
  9. Freezer cooking – freezer cooking allows you to have meals made up and in the freezer ready to be cooked.  It’s a great way to ease the stress of busy days and nights we often have.
  10. Minimize your food waste –  use up what you have.  Cook only what you need or freeze the rest for a later date.  Make it a goal to not throw food away.  If you have leftovers in the fridge, eat them tonight instead of cooking something else.
  11. Use coupons – use coupons for items you already buy.  Check out my series on coupon use
  12. Ad match – instead of going to 3 or 4 different stores to get their great deals, you can go to Walmart and add match.  Be sure to read the ad match policy.
  13. Buy in bulk – you can buy items in bulk and split with a friend or freeze for later.  Just make sure it’s items you will use.
  14. Combine your errands – make one trip out if at all possible and get everything done while you are out.  This will save quite a bit of gas money over the course of a year.
  15. Make do – make do with what you have, make it work, can you go without?  Do you really need that new item?
  16. Buy used – if you find you really need something, consider buying used.  Shop thrift stores, ebay, craigslist and even tell friends what you are looking for.  Often times your friends may know someone that has that item to get rid of or even has one of their own to get rid of or lend you
  17. Keep lists – keep a notebook of lists of things you need to do, things you run out of and anything else you need to remember.  Keeping good notes (and having it with you all the time) will save you money by not making multiple trips as well as help you be more organized, which also helps save money.
  18. Make your own – have a bread machine?  Make your own bread.  Like Starbucks?  Learn to make your own at home.
  19. Make your own snacks – make homemade snacks (they are most likely healthier without all the preservatives) or bag your own small bags with a bulk bag and sandwich bags.
  20. Sell things you don’t need or use – try ebay, craigslist, facebook or a local means of selling.  Why not make some spare cash on things you don’t need at the same time as reducing clutter.
  21. Sell on Etsy – Have a craft you love to do?  Sew?  Knit?  Make t-shirts?  Invitations?  You get the point.  Etsy is a great way to sell handmade items.
  22. Have a yard sale – this is another great way to make some cash.  I would check potential big ticket items on ebay to see what they have been selling for before selling at a yard sale.  To check what items have sold for enter the item in search box and hit enter.  On the menu on the left of the page under “more refinements” click “show only” and then chose “completed listings”.  You would be surprised what items sell for.  Especially the things you think are worth nothing.
  23. Eat before you shop – going to the store hungry is bad for the budget.  You will buy things you don’t need or really want, but bought because you were hungry.  Eat before you go and carry a water to drink.
  24. Shop with a calculator – use a calculator so you know what you are spending or at least round the item and keep a tally on your list.
  25. Stop bribing your kids – kids don’t need a toy or candy every time you go to the store or every time they were good somewhere.  They are supposed to be good.  If you want to buy a treat, let them pick a piece of fruit or yogurt.
  26. Re-purpose and reuse – can you use something else instead of buying new?  Think outside the box.  Many times the best things come from outside the box thinking.
  27. Fix it yourself – try researching on the internet the problem you are having and see if it’s something you can do yourself.
  28. Buy out of season – buy a few key items of clothing for next winter while things are on clearance.  You can still find plenty of summer items on clearance right now too.
  29. Divorce the Jones’ – you don’t have to have everything everyone else does.  You don’t have to have the debt they do either.  Hang with people that have the same frugal values as you, or someone that can help teach you a bit about frugality and budgeting.
  30. Plan your budget – You need to plan where all your money will go each and every month.  No dollar or cent should be left alone.  For more on budgeting see my Creating A Budget Series and this recent post.

I know many people will read this list and think that these things may only save or make a little bit of money.  The truth is that small changes in a a few areas will add up to big amounts.  If you sold $300 at a yardsale, $300 on ebay and then made 10 other changes that save you $50 each over the course of a year, that’s over a thousand dollars.  Chances are you can do much better than my example.

In the next couple months I will be taking many of these items one at a time and breaking them down and really explaining them.  I hope you will join me for this new series called Practicing Frugal in 2013.

How will you save in 2013?  Have any questions or comments?  

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