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The purpose of Practicing Frugal is to practice making a habit out of living frugal.  By sharing personal stories, deals, coupons, recipes, how to’s and so much more, I hope that we can all get better at living a frugal life.

Please remember I am not a financial expert or professional.  I post about what has worked for me and what I have learned from research and helping others.  I cannot be held responsible for any ideas expressed here.  You are to plan, read, follow at your own risk.

There will be times when I include affiliate links in my content.  These links offer me some sort of compensation when the links are used or a product is purchased through a link. These links will help cover the costs of running and maintaining this blog.  I will always try to make sure the affiliate links are from companies, products that I believe in.

I will accept paid ads, sponsorship and other forms of compensation.  My opinions, ideas, beliefs, and experiences will always be my own regardless of the compensation.

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Practicing Frugal has no control of when or if you will receive the products, services, offers, coupons, freebies that you participate in.  The information is presented for those interested, but taking part in these offers is at your own risk.  Practicing Frugal will not be held responsible for any damages incurred by users of the site.  Practicing Frugal will always work hard at trying to post only legitimate offers for products, services, offers, coupons, freebies and more.

Practicing Frugal cannot guarantee that the products, services, offers, coupons, freebies and more will remain available and cannot be held responsible for offers that end or expire before a reader participates.  These items often end quickly.

Practicing Frugal will not be held responsible for incorrect links to items.

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All information on Practicing Frugal is for information use only.  Practicing Frugal cannot be responsible for the completeness, accuracy, validity, suitability of the information provided on the site.  Practicing Frugal cannot be held responsible for errors, missing information or any damages incurred from the use of any information, ideas, products, services, coupons, freebies, projects, contests on this site.


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updated March 22, 2012