Saving & Earning Money While Christmas Shopping

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and long weekend with their families.  We spent the holiday eating turkey and trout fishing with my family in the north part of the state. The rest of the weekend was spent together playing games, eating, watching movies, visiting The Wings Over The Prairie Duck Calling Contest and Festival and much more.

It seems that Christmas shopping got started for many as early as Thanksgiving Day.  I must say that I am not brave enough to battle the crowds (or get up that early).  I found much of what I wanted to buy online on Friday morning.

Since shopping is in full swing now, I thought I would remind everyone of the many ways to save and earn at the same time while shopping online.  It seems kinda odd, but you can save and earn money while you are spending it.  Competition for our business brings about many avenues for saving money and earning rewards.  It’s all about the money folks, so why not take advantage of it and earn your share back.

First there are 3 rewards sites that I shop through whenever possible:

ShopAtHome Banner
Shop at Home is a rewards site that gives cash back for shopping at many of your favorite stores through the Shop At Home site.  They also have coupon codes, and printable coupons.  You will get $5 in your account when you sign up here.  If you sign up through any of my links above, I will also get $5 for referring you.

I have been using Shop at Home pretty much since they started.  Just to show you that it really works, and you really earn money, I took a snapshot of my current account balance.

With Shop at Home you get paid after your account reaches $20.  There is an earning and payment schedule on the site.


The next rewards site I use is Ebates.  I have been using Ebates for several years, but I tend to check all 3 of these sites mentioned to see who is offering a bigger percent back. Right now when you join Ebates and make a $25 purchase through their site, you can choose a $10 gift card from either Macy’s, Walmart, Target, or Kohl’s.  If you join Ebates through my link, I will earn $5 for referring you.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates is also offering rewards for certain Amazon departments for a certain amount of time.  I already missed earning from one purchase, because I did not realize this until recently.

Here is a little snapshot of my account as of today.  Keep in mind it does take a little time for your rewards to show up, but I already have some rewards from last week.

I did not use Ebates as much last year because Shop at Home had bigger rewards for the merchants I was shopping with, but this year it seems Ebates is getting pretty competitive with their rewards and the inclusion of some Amazon rewards (limited items, limited time).


The last rewards site that I use is Swag Bucks.  Not only is it great for searching, earning and many other things, but Swag Bucks recently added a place for you to shop and earn through them.  All you need to do is join or log in Swag Bucks and click Earn at the top of the page and roll down to Shop & Earn.

Search & Win

I have not made any purchases through Swag Bucks yet, because their rewards have been lower than the other two sites I use, but Swag Bucks is great for earning by doing many other things like searching, taking daily poll, surveys and much more.  I imagine they will get just as competitive with their rewards pretty soon.  You can read more about Swag Bucks here.

Many times I am just looking around the internet and decide to purchase something.  I then realize that I am not shopping through one of these sites above to earn rewards.  I check to see who is offering a bigger percentage in rewards for the merchant I am shopping with, and then I close out the browser window to the store that I was shopping at and open up and log into the rewards site I want to use.  I then enter the name of the store and click on shop.  In just a minute a window opens telling me about my reward and then the store site opens in another window.  Most of the time the items I had in my cart are still there!  The difference is that now I will earn rewards.

You can use promotional/coupon codes when shopping through the rewards sites!  It’s just like any other time you shop through a store’s website, except you accessed it through the rewards site.

Don’t forget to check the following sites for coupon codes or printable coupons for your favorite stores.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?  How did you spend it?  Did you battle the Black Friday crowds or just crowd your computer?  Have any questions about the rewards sites above?

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