Free Stuff: Earning with My Coke Rewards

Over the past few years I have earned points to cash in for things like free Coke products, coupons for free grocery items, subway gift cards, hotel rewards points, photo gifts, magazine subscriptions and much more.  How do I earn these points?  It’s a pretty simple way that many people throw away.  It’s my coke rewards codes found on coke products.  They can be found on the inside of the plastic bottle caps and on the inside of the the cardboard boxes that cans come in.  You can also read about where to find codes.

Its easy to become a member and you can also link your mobile phone to your account so that you can text in codes.  Here is how to link your mobile phone:

” From the My Account page, go down to the Communication Preferences section where it says “Mobile Phone #.” If it says “Not Enrolled,” click on “Edit” and type in your mobile number. Note: You will not be able to opt in for mobile messages until you have completed the process, so ignore that for now. We will send you a text message, and you just need to reply to that with the message “LINK.” That’s it. Now your phone is linked and any codes entered by SMS will automatically be credited to your account, just like magic. If you decide to unlink that phone or link a different number (only one phone number can be linked at a time), go back to the Communication Preferences and take care of business.”

I collect the codes from products when use them but, I also have friends and family that save the codes for me.  Many people get the codes from people that stock concession stands or any other places where coke products are used.  It’s a great way to earn a few free items.  The prizes change and are updated often.  Last November they released a holiday special with rewards like Best Buy gift cards, Subway gift cards, and much more.  The rewards did not last long as they were very popular.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this from them again this year.

So why are you throwing those great codes away?  Why not earn points for some great items.  It’s a great way to earn points for free photo gifts for presents (you will have to pay shipping though).

You should be aware that you can only enter 120 points per week, so don’t save a pile for a long time.  Try to enter them at least once a week to keep your account full of points to cash in for a great prize.

Do you save your coke codes?  What is your favorite reward you have gotten?   

If you want me to send you a referral, email me at practicingfrugal at gmail dot com.  I will send you a referral link.  I will earn points for referring a friend.  

Making a habit out of living frugal…..