Advertising on Practicing Frugal

If your interested in promoting your business or product here at, please contact me via email at practicingfrugal {at} gmail {dot} com.  Replace the words in { } with the appropriate symbols or go to my contact form.

I am always happy to do an honest review of a product(s) in exchange for a giveaway for my readers.  The products must be something I am willing to review on my blog (family friendly), but I would be more than happy to hear about your product and offer.


Advertise here on practicing frugal for a limited time, at some great frugal rates!

I will place a small (125 x 125) button supplied by you, on my blog for 2 months for $25 total. This button will be found below the fold, but in a great visible place for my readers to see.  (4 spots available)

I will place a medium ad (300 x 200) supplied by you, placed below the fold in a great visible place, for $45 for 2 months total. (3 spots available)

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