Goodbye 2014 …… Hello 2015

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Let me tell you 2014 was great, but I look forward to so many things in 2015!  So hello 2105!  You came too fast, but that’s okay, I’m ready for you.

It’s no doubt been an interesting year here for us, if not wildly busy.  We made so many memories and had so many special times together, and we are looking forward to more great times and more special memories in this new year.

I bet you are all wondering why I haven’t been able to post since late October, so here it goes.

We have one internet /phone company available to us where we live.  Can you say big monopoly? Well, when they put in DSL, they failed to plan for all the people that would be using it and just kept adding people onto already full devices.  Not to mention the increased popularity of sites like Netflix, You Tube and Amazon prime, which further slowed things down.  Things had gotten so bad that it was taking hours to put up one blog post.  I just couldn’t get it done, not with homeschooling and everything else that needed to be done.  I was stressed.  I want this blog to succeed very well, I love what I do here, but I couldn’t get this internet problem fixed, nor did I have sufficient time to get it tackled.

Finally over Christmas I had it.  I called our internet/phone provider, I talked to others, I did research and I came up with a plan.  We got the internet at the house moving a bit faster, but it all depends on our community usage.  It usually gets faster when the kids all go back to school!  I am currently using it now, but in the event of complete failure again, I made some changes with AT&T to be able to use my phone as a hotspot, and increased our data package.  It was hard for me to do, as 2 of our phones were unlimited, but this will be better for our whole family, and our bill went down a bit.

I was able to complete my Christmas shopping with my hotspot and tablet on the porch and in the yard with only 1 bar!  Much better than my home service.

Now we are looking into a cell booster that does not use internet, like the ones Wilson offers.  We currently have a microcell from AT&T that works great, but it requires internet to work.  So for us, no internet, no signal.

Once I get the booster in and see how it goes, we will be totally backed up!  We may even ditch this home internet/phone we have that costs over $80 a month for nothing, and increase our data plan a bit with AT&T if needed.

So I just wanted you all to know that I am back!  I can post on the go when we are traveling with the girls now.  I can post while I am watching them at practice, I can make more use of my down time and I love it!  I am really excited about many things I am going to bring to the blog in 2015 as well as some really big plans and changes that my family will be making this year.  I plan to tell you guys all about it.

I will also be making some changes to the blog here and there, so let me know what you guys think as you see these new things!

I hope you will all be as excited and interested in all this as I am.  Thanks for being a part of Practicing Frugal!

Happy New Year everyone!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014 …… Hello 2015

  1. It’s great to be back Darlene! Thanks for hanging in there!

    As I was posting this post the other day, we had internet problems once again. Hopefully it is resolved now, because I don’t think the internet company wants to talk to me anymore!

    So glad you have your budget going. It really is freeing, maybe not always easy, but it can be life changing. We wouldn’t be able to do the things we do if I didn’t have a budget to follow.

  2. Dianna: Great to see you back up and running and I hope soon you will have the issues completely taken care of. The “information highway” is only as good as the roads are!!! It was a rough 2014, but God has blessed and we are now in 2015. I look forward to seeing your posts. You inspire me to work on my budget (which I now have set up for 2015), and together we all learn ways to be more watchful not only of our money, but all that we have. God bless all in 2015, and I look forward to new things!!!

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