Grocery Budget: Second Week of August 2013

One of the biggest questions I have always gotten from my friends is about my grocery budget and what we buy.  I admit that when I read other blogs, I love to see how much they spend as well as what they get for their money.  I find that I often get some ideas for things I would like to try or ways to save even more money.

We budget $150 a week for a family of 4-5 (oldest is in college but is home often).  This money is for food, cleaning supplies, paper products, pet food, toiletries, over the counter medicine and some car maintenance items.  I would love this amount to be lower, but while trying to include more lean choices of meat and more produce, I find that this amount is probably right where it needs to be.

walmart august 2013

We didn’t get out of the house much this past week, so most of our shopping was done at Walmart.

I did spend $16.02 at The Mad Butcher on ground chuck.

I sure can’t wait for a good sale on ground chuck!

walmart 2 august 2013

We needed more non-food items this week which tends to push the total on groceries up a little bit quicker.

We spent $138.96 on the items in all 3 pictures (except the ground chuck) at Walmart. Missing from the pictures is a large case of water and a large case of hugs drinks.  Hubby likes to keep these in his shop fridge for times we are working outside or just for a treat for the girls.

I was able to use $7.55 worth of coupons.

walmart 3 august 2013

My grand total for the second week of August is $154.98, which is over by $4.98.  Not too bad.  If my budget didn’t have a little wiggle room in it, I could have easily put off one of my non-food purchases until a later date.

The total for the first two weeks of Augst is $360, which is over by $60.  I am hoping that with 3 more weeks to go (this month has 5 Fridays), I can bring it down a bit.

While checking out at Walmart, the checker was telling me about some changes to that store’s ad matching policy.  Needless to say, the Walmart Ad Matching Policy is not always the final word.  I found out that the store used to ad match another local store’s Buy One Get One (without an ad price) ads.  The whole time I could have been getting these great Buy One Get One items using the Walmart low price.  Now the store has a new manager that will not match these ads.  The checker proceeded to tell me that anything in addition to the written Walmart policy is up to each individual store manager.  Since I had always just gone by the written policy and I didn’t ask a knowledgeable store employee about their ad matching policy, I missed out.

In the future I will now know which checkers to ask about the policy and any changes made to it.

Always ask about your store’s rules for ad amtching.  You may be pleasantly surprised and find out that they do more than the online policy states.

How are you doing with your grocery budget?  What do you do if you go over?  Does your store ad match differently than the online policy?  

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