How a Notebook Could Help You

If you have been following practicing frugal for a while, then you may have read about my notebook that goes with everywhere with me.  I can’t really remember when I started using this notebook, but it has been a lifesaver.  The minute I think of something I need to do or buy, I can just jot it down in my notebook.  It keeps me from laying in bed at night wishing I could remember what I needed to do tomorrow.

This notebook currently holds the following items:

  • Master List of Things To Be Done
  • A list of books I want to read
  • My goals for the week (may include things from the master list, appointments etc.)
  • Grocery List (meal plan on the backside of the page)
  • A list of house projects to be done (room by room)
  • 2013 Goals
  • Savings Plans – I have a page for each different savings with a goal listed for each payday and then a column for the actual amount contributed.  I also like to include a list of where the amounts may come from if it’s somewhere other than a weekly check (ex. fifth friday check, refund etc.)
  • A list of possible homeschool curriculum for next year

How can a notebook help you?

  • It can help keep things organized and in one place
  • It can help motivate you (have goals with you all the time)
  • You can relax a bit more.  If you know you wrote something down, maybe you won’t lay awake at night trying to remember what it was.  I used to do this all the time before my notebook.
  • It can help prevent time waste if you plan out the things you need to do for the week. I’m not saying plan out every hour or anything, just make a list of things that must happen this week.


I recently read The One Minute Entrepreneur, which gave me the idea to keep another notebook or journal that will hold things I want to remember.  Have you ever read a book, bible verse or inspirational quote and wished you could remember it?

This happens to me all the time.  I read a book, but can’t remember some of the most important and helpful things I read after a few days.  I now jot that down right away in this other notebook.  It can be anything from a quote to bible verse or just a cute poem.  It’s just a collection of things that were important enough for me to want to remember.

Maybe someday I will want to pass that information on to someone.  I now can just find it in my little notebook.

Maybe one day I will need a little inspiration.  I can just read through my journal at the things that inspired me.  The things I wanted to keep might hold just what I need to pick me up.

Maybe you are reading a financial help or other self help book and there are many things you would like to remember, or inspirational quotes or passages that may help you along the way.  Why not write these things down to help you, to encourage you or to motivate you?

Earlier this year Kimberlee at The Peaceful Mom wrote about her experience with a notebook in 2012.  I was actually quite surprised when I read her post, because I thought I was the only one who did this.  It turns out that great minds think alike, or maybe it’s just busy minds need a rest!

As parents, employees, employers, friends and family we all get busy.  We all tend to have crazy schedules and are lucky to just make it though the day.  Why not help yourself out and start using a notebook or two to help you through it.  I think you will find the results relaxing.

Do you use a notebook or something similar?  How has it helped you or how do you think it might help you?  

making a habit out of living frugal…..

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