Practicing Frugal Daily: Warming Up

Join me daily as I share what I did the previous day that was frugal. I want you, my readers, to join in and comment on what you did that was frugal. Even if it was nothing but cutting the end of a tube off or rinsing the fabric softener bottle with water to get all the softener (yes I do that), it’s worth mentioning.

There’s a chance that you or I do something that others have not thought about. It can be a fun filled learning experience for us all.

Practicing Frugal Daily Times

It’s starting to warm up a little bit here so I managed to hang a few things out to dry yesterday.  I love to hang out clothes to dry as much as possible.  It not only saves money, but the sun can “bleach” whites and the breeze makes everything so nice and fresh.

We also ate leftover chili for supper.  I love using leftovers to stretch my menu, as well as cut down on how much I am cooking.  This time of the year gets extremely busy for us, so I have much less time in the kitchen.

So what did you do yesterday that was frugal?  Don’t be shy, everything and anything counts.  We love to read your comments and learn from each other.  

making a habit out of living frugal…..

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6 thoughts on “Practicing Frugal Daily: Warming Up

  1. The past few days we’ve done leftovers, breakfast for dinner and one night was our daughters school night with the local pizza place. Her classroom gets money for each order. With five kids we ordered a deal with two larges so she would get 2.00 worth for her class and then we laid out lots of cut up veggies and fruit to fill them up. If I fed them off pizza alone we’d have to buy three or four pizzas.

  2. I can’t think of much frugalness that I did yesterday…we did carpool with some friends who were going to the same class as us about an hour away, so that definitely saves on gas!

    When I take the time, I love line-drying clothes! There’s just something about being outside hanging up laundry!

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