Grocery Budget: First Week Of February

I started the week off with working a 12 hour night shift, so I’m a little behind on my grocery post for the week.  I did manage to get the groceries bought as well as take advantage of some deals at stores other than Walmart.

People are always asking me how we get our groceries for such a small amount compared to what they spend.  So I post our grocery trips here so you can see what we buy.  We currently budget $150 a week for a family of 4 to 5 (big girl is at college most of the time) food, non food grocery items, cleaning supplies, pet food, health and beauty, over the counter medicine and some car maintenance items.  This amount is still a bit higher than I would like, but I am learning that with the items included in our budget and the price of items in our area, this amount is really not that bad.  When you are trying to eat a healthier diet consisting of leaner meat, lots of fresh produce, more organic items and more natural foods, your grocery bill will tend to be a bit higher. You just get creative and find other ways to save.

Warning:  I got home late from shopping and running errands, so the picture quality is less than good, but at least you can see what I got.


This is what I picked up at Kroger (the dried fruit and energy shots are from Sam’s) this week.  I was able to take advantage of the mega saver sale and get some of these items for very little or even free.

The chicken in the next picture was actually purchased at Kroger as well.  I told you it was late.  My brain was already asleep.

The Kroger mega saver sale allows you to purchase 10 of the items on the mega sale and then save an extra $5 for each set of 10 you buy.  It is limited to how many sets of 10 you can do in a transaction, but I have never reached the limit.  I have purchased 3 sets at one time (30 mega saver items).  If you buy the wrong item on one of your items or forget one, the $5.00 won’t come off the bill at the end of the checkout process.

The weekly ad lists some of the mega saver items in it, but there are so many more when you get in the store.  Unfortunately, the sale is over for the week, but they are having a 50% off sale now.

Some of the great deals I got with or without the mega sale are:

  • .39/lb ripe bananas and organic bananas (the only store around that sells them like this)
  • the chicken noodle soup was .79 each (.75 at Walmart) and I had a $.40 coupon that double to make them .59 each after coupon
  • bone in chicken breast at $1.29/lb
  • hefty freezer bags $.99 after mega discount
  • Mahatma Rice $.68 each after mega discount and 3-$.50 coupons that doubled
  • French’s Spicy Brown Mustard free after mega discount and 2-$.50 coupons doubled
  • Finish Dishwasher tabs $.84 each after mega discount and 3-$2.15 off one coupons
  • the cat food was free after a recent coupon for a free 16 oz package or $3.25 off a bag.  The only store I found around here that carried the box was Kroger.  Now I wish I had more of these coupons.

The things I didn’t mention were bought at a good price compared to Walmart or it was something Walmart doesn’t have.

I ended up using $21.75 in coupons after doubling and I saved 55% on my bill after coupons and sales, bringing my total spent at Kroger to $36.87  Of course if I had just bought the mega sale items and free items(which those extreme coupon people do), my percentage would be higher, but I buy all things I can get at a good price together on the same receipt at the same time.

I spent $36.16 on the items from Sam’s.


I spent $10.32 at Target on the following good deals:

  • the tissue was $1.39 and I used 2-$.50 off Target coupons to get the tissue for $.89 a box.  If you use the rectangle boxes, you could get them for $.49 after Target coupon.
  • printer paper was is on sale for $2.98 and I used a $.50 off Target Coupon to get it for $2.48.  This was a great deal and I wish I had printed 2 of the coupons!  To tell you the truth, I didn’t know the paper was on sale, but I needed some and had the coupon, so i thought I would check the price while I was at the store.
  • fruit snacks were regular price at $1.89, but I used a $1.00/2 Target Coupon for them to make them $1.39 each.
  • the stickers were $1 in the dollar section at the front of the store.  Every homeschool mom needs stickers.
  • the poise pads were $.84 each after a $3.00 manufacturer coupon paired with a $2/2 Target Coupon.  For .$84 each I will use these in place of the other pads.  They will all do basically the same thing in the end.

I spent $10.32 at Target after coupons and my 5% Red Card discount.  I have the Red Card Debit card that takes the money out of my checking account, gives me 5% off and free shipping.  Can’t beat that, and it’s not a credit card!


I spent $70.06 at Walmart on the items in these two pictures.  I used only $.40 in coupons, but 40 cents is 40 cents!



I spent a total of $153.41 on groceries this week.  It is $3.41 over budget, but I know I am pretty sure I will be under budget this next week as some of these items will feed us for more than one week.

We will be eating the following meals for dinners(watch out there is a couple new things):

Since this post is already getting so long, I’m skipping our lunches and snacks this week.   They are about the same as they usually are.

How did you do with your grocery budget this week?  Did you find any great sales?  Have anything new on your menu?  Leave a comment telling us about it, we love to hear from our readers.

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