I called The Appliance Repairman

Last Thursday my washing machine started making a loud noise (so bad the kids came to see what was wrong), and it would not spin.  It just made that awful noise.

Being without a washing machine is rather painful in my home.

I am very impatient and I can’t stand for the laundry to build up.

So I called the washer repairman (actually I sent a text to hubby), and told him what was going on.

His reply was “awesome”.

I wish I could be so relaxed when things break.  Especially important things like my washer.

Next I did what I like to do when something breaks.  I searched the internet with “whirlpool washer won’t spin and makes noise”.  You see we try to fix things ourselves as much as possible.  It saves us quite a bit of money and time.

It’s amazing that the first thing I looked at was the solution to my problem.  My search brought up applianceblog.com.  Actually it brought up this page below on applianceblog.com, which was exactly what I needed:

washer repair page

I chose the one with the arrow and got a forum where an actual appliance tech had already told someone how to fix the problem.  It included the parts to check and in what order as well as an awesome video showing you how to do things.

Now we have fixed something on our washer before, but hubby didn’t have this handy video that showed him how to get at the area in question.  In fact as we watched the video he said “so that’s how you get to the stuff”.  He had always wondered how you got to the parts because the back of the washer doesn’t come off.  That is when he said that last time he just turned it over on its side!  (oh my)  Good thing it didn’t have water in it huh?

Anyways he went to work right away (with my expert supervision of course) and in 15 minutes had found the broken part.  It was the motor coupling.

motor coupling

After he got the washer hull off, I found that the inside of the washer is quite nasty!  I had to clean it up quite a bit.  I failed to get a picture of it, but be prepared when doing your own repairs, it’s dusty, dirty and more dirty.

If you want to buy the part right away, the site also has a link to purchase the part from repairclinic.com.  The price with them was $10.55 plus $5.93 shipping.  I have never used this company so I cannot vouch for the service.  I also checked appliancepartspro.com (have used and had great service) by entering my washer model number and the part I needed.  The price with them was $9.76 plus $6.95 shipping.  So really just a little bit difference in price, but I would have to wait for it, and since it was Thursday I knew I was looking at being back in business Tuesday night at the earliest. Yuck!

Did I mention that I am impatient when it comes to my washer (well actually anything that breaks).

washer motor

Friday I was going to have to go to the eye doctor in the town (30 miles away) where there is an Mid South Appliance store.  If I wasn’t already going to be out I might have just ordered it to save on the gas and time.  So I called them up and asked if they had the part. They did and I picked it up on Friday for $16.33 after tax.

Saturday my dear sweet hubby had my washer back in business.

I was very happy!  I cannot live without my washer.  When you wash for 5 people, it piles up in no time.

washer & dryer

I am sure it is easier to fix one of these older model top load washers (non electronic) than it is to fix the newer (electronic) front load ones.  That is one of the top reasons that I will keep my old time washer.  I believe the repair costs are going to be much cheaper as well.

So next time an appliance gives out, try fixing it yourself.  You may be surprised to find out how easy it is, especially with all the helpful knowledge on the web.

P.S. so you don’t have to do an internet search to also find out where the model number is hidden on some washers, here’s a nice picture(I won’t tell you how many times I tried to find a model number before I searched for help):

open washing machine

wasing machine model number

Have you ever fixed your own appliance?

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7 thoughts on “I called The Appliance Repairman

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  2. Oh, yes…The (Dogs) went out in our washer ……..did the exact same search and figured it out and since we also had a sears based washer they have a parts depatment online just a few clicks and the part was on its way…..The Dryer has went out countless times (Bought it used for 75.00)
    22 years ago…..
    Each time it would run but wouldnt heat………We have put a total of 4 heating elements (13.00) in it and it still running today……..I love the older washing machines and dryers…Ours still have the wood grain kenmore 70 series……….

    • You have sure gotten your monies worth out of your appliances! When we added our master bedroom/bath on to the house a few years ago Lowes was offering gift cards each time you spent so much money. Between our receipts, and one a friend gave me from her flooring purchase, we got $1000 in gift cards. I was going to use these for a fancy washer and dryer. Turned out we needed them to finish the rooms, but another friend of mine did buy the same washer and dryer I wanted and she had to replace her washer this year after just 3 or 4 years! So I’m thankful things worked out the way they did.

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