Grocery Budget: with birthday pictures

I currently budget $150 a week for food, non food grocery items, cleaning supplies, pet food, health and beauty, over the counter medicine and car maintenance items.  This amount is still a bit higher than I would like, but I am learning that with the items included in my budget and the price of items in our area, this amount is really not that bad.  When you are trying to eat a healthier diet consisting of leaner meat and more produce, your grocery bill will tend to be a bit higher.

I didn’t get any pictures of my groceries this week!  It has been quite busy around here.  I worked Thursday night and that left Friday for sleeping, cleaning, grocery shopping and a birthday for the last princess.  Not only that, but big girl came home from college for a week.  Such a happy day!  We spent the weekend having fun as a family with a little work mixed in for momma.  On Sunday, we took the last princess to Chuck E Cheese for a family birthday party.  It was a surprise.  She was quite surprised.  She has always had her parties at home, so birthday #5 was a treat!

Since I didn’t get any grocery pictures, you get a few birthday pictures!

The last princess is in that stage where the smile is sometimes so stiff!  I missed the picture of her face when she opened it, so this is what I got for the posed picture!

I wish I could have gotten the original smile, as she is excited about a shipping spree to Toys R Us!

Well I guess that’s enough birthday pictures.

I spent a total of $140.33 on groceries this week at Dollar General, Walmart and our local store, Cranford’s.

How did you do with your grocery budget this week?  

Making a habit out of living frugal…..

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