A little about setting weekly goals

During the last couple weeks I have noticed I was wasting a lot of time and I kept a time diary so that I could see where I was wasting time and come up with a plan to recoup some of my time.

I currently write a list of weekly goals, seasonal goals and homeschool goals in my notebook or binder.  The problem is I hadn’t been getting many of them accomplished.  Do you have this problem?  Did you keep a time diary?  I found that some of my weekly goals were not being accomplished because I was staying up too late.  I am currently working on changing this bad habit, for me and my kids.

Do you set weekly goals?

I find that by setting goals for the week, I can get things done and I remember what needs to be done.  It makes me quite a bit more efficient and things generally get done on time.  My goals may include simple things like phone calls to be made, a project to do, reading time with the kids or any other things that need to be accomplished this week.

Occasionally I am going to post my weekly/seasonal goals as well as how I am doing with the changes I want to make after recording how I spend my time.  I want my readers to see that we are all human and have to work to accomplish goals.  No matter what kind of goals you are trying to accomplish, it still requires work and diligence.  Breaking old habits can take time.  This is true of budget goals, savings goals, paying debt goals, career goals, homeschooling goals ….. you get the point.  It takes time and effort, without those you are setting yourself up for failure.

My goals for this week are pretty simple since I will be working some and spending the 4th with friends and family:

  • read with girls
  • blog daily (except Sundays)
  • start kitchen declutter
  • help oldest daughter cull clothes she no longer needs or wants
  • Make a CD of vacation pictures for safe
  • Feed Hummingbirds
  • Maintain garden and pool
  • Laundry (1-2 loads a day) I am currently pretty caught up and like to stay there
  • Hotel reservations/quotes for a trip
Pretty soon we will have a good month off from our tournament teams schedules, so I will be trying to get a few more things that have been on my to do list (forever and ever) done.
What would be on your list of goals for the week? 
Making a habit out of living frugal …..

2 thoughts on “A little about setting weekly goals

  1. Awww thanks Tab! I miss getting to talk to you more, but I sure do love being with these girls. I definitely miss our “what would Dave do” talks.
    I sure hope I can keep the laundry caught up for a while because it is a very big achievement! You know how much I battle that task. Thanks for be a loyal readerand supporter! Love ya!

  2. Let me start off by saying that I REALLY MISS YOU at work daily!!! You helped keep me on my toes with couponing and sticking to my goals and budget. I don’t think a day passed that we wasn’t talking about “what would Dave do”
    (Dave Ramsey).
    But I love getting your e-mails and let me say I’m VERY PROUD of you on the caught up on laundry and staying there!!! That’s a very big achievement and I think mom deserves some recognition!!!!

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