Grocery Saving Snippet: Part 10 – Saving On Lunch Meat

Photo Credit to The Consumerist

grocery aisle

You can often save money on lunch meat by using coupons that you can print online or by using coupons in the coupon inserts, but another way to save money on lunch meat is to buy large chunks of meat from the meat department.

Many stores sell large chunks of turkey breast, ham and even chicken breast in the meat department.  You can often have these items sliced in the meat department or the deli for free.  The price of these chunks is much cheaper per pound than packaged lunch meat and deli counter lunch meat.

If you cannot use this amount of meat in a week or so, then you throw it in the freezer for later.

You can also save money on lunch meat by purchasing it at a bulk food store such as Sam’s.  You can take out what you will use soon and freeze the rest for later.

How do you save money on lunch meat?  Where do you get your best prices and best cuts?

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