Goals: Some Summer Goals

The other day, I was writing in my notebook and decided to make a little list of goals for the summer.  Nothing big, just some things I really want to accomplish this summer.  I already start each week by writing down some goals for the week, but I sometimes fail at accomplishing these goals.  Okay maybe many times I fail.  I have very good intentions though.

So after reading Crystal’s goals for some time on Money Saving Mom, I decided that it might be a great way to get things done.  I have found that showing my efforts at reducing food waste and cutting back on eating out has really helped keep me in check.

Now I am pretty sure my goal list will look nothing like Crystal’s, but in reality it really shouldn’t.  Your list shouldn’t look much like mine unless you are at the same ballparks as me.  I must warn you that while I do pretty good at keeping my finances in order, I am not as good at getting things done.  So this will be a great project for me.

So for this week I am starting by showing you my goals for the summer.  I will post any new goals I add and how I am doing as the summer moves on and within the next month I plan to start posting my weekly goals on Mondays.

2012 Summer Goals

Financial goals

  1. Finish funding college car.
  2. Finish Funding 2012-2013 college tuition.

Work/Blog/School Goals

  1. Work at part-time job about 48 hours a month.
  2. Complete 5 changes/updates to blog.
  3. Finalize curriculum choices for next homeschool year.
  4. Reading list for girls.

Personal Goals

  1. Have a yard sale.
  2. Declutter rest of house before yard sale.
  3. Regular field trips/outings with the girls.
  4. Sell more items on ebay.
  5. Have Kassie complete the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program.
  6. Make jelly.
  7. Make applesauce.
  8. Freeze vegetables from the garden.
  9. Try my hand at freezer cooking.
  10. Build up a little bigger stockpile.  My oldest will be heading off to college and I would like to get a good stockpile of Health and Beauty items, detergents and other things she will need throughout the year.  That will keep her from having to run out and purchase these items.  It will help her save time and money too.

What would be on your list of summer goals?  Do you make goal lists?  Do they help you?    Why not join in on the fun and tell us about your goals?  

 Making a habit out of living frugal …..  

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