Why Practicing Frugal Has Been Missing

I apologize for my lack of attendance here the past several days.  I had reached the point of burn out and really needed a break.  Blogging is very time consuming and I needed to step back and decide if this was something I needed to continue, what the effect is on my family time and the stress level having to put a post up can cause.  I must tell you that I am very passionate about what I write about and I love writing it, but I will not be able to post on  a very regular basis until my schedule eases up a bit.  I have one graduating in a few weeks and the two oldest are playing softball.  Going into this blogging adventure I wrote to “please” others although nobody was pushing me to do anything.  I wrote long, every day posts to do what I thought I had to do.  I now realize (thanks Darlene) that I put that pressure on myself.  So I plan to continue on here at Practicing Frugal and take things a bit more slowly.  My posts will be much more slow in coming until I can get a block of free time to get some things written ahead of time.  For many reasons I will not have a facebook page or twitter page for Practicing Frugal.  You can follow me by visiting the blog or by subscribing to my email updates on new posts.  I love this blog and love writing, but I am also very passionate about my quality time with my family.  Thanks for the support!

2 thoughts on “Why Practicing Frugal Has Been Missing

  1. I’m glad ur still gonna stick around!! You have always been my inspiration for saving money, even before you went online. I look forward to seeing my emails from Practicing Frugal :-)
    I do miss seeing you at work every day though

    • Thanks for the sweet words my friend. I do miss seeing you every day too. I just needed to take a little break to make sure I was doing the right thing for my family. It was then I realized that the only person holding me too high expectations was me!

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