Grocery Saving Snippet: Part 4 – Browsing Your Weekly Ads

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The best place to start when planning your meals for the week is with your local stores weekly ads.  If you don’t get the ads in your mail box then you can most likely pull them up on the internet.

After you have done an inventory of your pantry and freezer, you can begin to make your grocery list for the week with the help of the store ads.

Scan the ads for items that are on your list of things you need.  Jot down which store they can be found at and for what price.  I also like to note if I have a coupon for that item with a “C” noted next to the price.  I then pull the coupon and put it at the front of my coupon box.  I have a section in my small box for “today”.  That is where I like to keep the coupons I know I will be using that day or even the ones I might want to use, but need to check prices.

Next you need to scan the ads for items that are on sale that can make your weekly menu plan.  There is no sense in having an expensive cut of meat this week if another cut can be bought for a much cheaper sale price.  Remember to try to purchase a extra or two of something that is a great deal, if you have some room in your grocery budget.

Next you will want to scan the weekly ads for loss leaders or any other super deals that you may be interested in a the store.  Loss leaders are the items that stores sell for less than they pay for the item to get you in the store.  These items are usually at rock bottom prices.  It’s a great way to add a little extra of some items to your pantry or stockpile.  The deals are even better if you have coupons to match the products.

Remember that stockpiling is a great way to save money on groceries, if you have room in your budget.  If your grocery budget is extremely tight, stockpiling is not something you need to worry about right now.  An idea that many people use is to add a little extra to their grocery budget each week to add to their stockpile.  Just remember that a little at a a time adds up.  Nobody needs 70 bottles of mustard, especially if your family doesn’t use mustard.

Store ads are a really big help in planning your menu and grocery list, but do remember that not everything in the ad will be a best price.  Prices vary at many stores and it is best to get familiar with your areas best prices.

How do you use your store ads to help with your menu plan?  Did you just say “what ads?”  Leave a comment letting me know.  

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