Grocery Saving Snippet: Before The Store

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There are so many ways to save money on groceries at the store, but there are a few things you can do before going to the store that can help save you money and frustration:

    • Get Organized
    • Menu Planning
    • Remember the list
    • Remember your coupons
    • Bring your calculator to figure cost per ounce/pound/square foot etc
    • Talk to your kids before you go into the store.  Remind them of the behavior you expect of them as well as whether or not they will be able to get a treat (piece of fruit or yogurt are a good choice) and what they can choose from.  They need to be reminded each time you go to the store.  If you prefer they not purchase a treat, bring a snack for them.
    • Give your kids a job to do while in the store.  This will keep them occupied and make them feel important because you asked for their help.  Some ideas include crossing things off the list, putting items in the buggy, matching coupons, using the calculator or just pushing the buggy.
    • Eat before you go to the store.  Never go hungry.  Going to the store hungry will set you up for impulse disaster.  Everything will look good to you and you will be less likely to stick to your list.
    • Bring a bottle of water to help stave off hunger and thirst.

What do you do before the store?  Have any ideas to share?

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3 thoughts on “Grocery Saving Snippet: Before The Store

  1. I forgot my list a few weeks ago. I went through the store getting everything I could remember and then phoned home to get someone to read me the list I left on the counter. I’d only missed a couple of things – I guess writing it down helped me commit it to memory. I do my shopping in the same store everyweek so I write out my list in order of how the store is laid out – no doubling back for items after I’m at the other end of the store. When we’re getting low on something but it’s not in the sale flyer I add it to the bottom of the list with (not urgent) beside it. This way I can watch for an unadvertised sale for a few weeks before I actually run out. I only do this with expensive items like coffee, peanut butter, and maple syrup (the real stuff).

  2. Great tips! I forgot my grocery list for Sam’s Club yesterday and ended up forgetting milk. Sigh…so I’ll have to stop at the store again. And I really like your idea of having the kids help! My daughter is almost 4 so she’s starting to get a little big to sit in the cart, but also old enough that she loves helping pick out fruits and veggies or hold onto a coupon for me.

    • If I forget a list, it’s a disaster. I might as well turn around and go back home.
      I have taken a small dry erase board before and let my youngest pretend to do a list or add things etc.
      My 9 year old loves figuring how much things are and if a coupon will make a name brand cheaper than the store brand etc. Great for her math skills as well!

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