Weekly Grocery Budget

I currently budget $150 a week for food, non food grocery items, cleaning supplies, pet food, health and beauty, over the counter medicine, and car maintenance items.  Although this amount is fairly high, it is much lower than before I started menu planning and forcing myself to stick to my grocery budget.

This week I did all my shopping at Walmart after working a 12 hour shift so that I would not have to make another 25-30 mile trip to the store.  Yep that was right, 25-30 miles to the closest large grocery stores.  Our very small town has a Dollar General and a tiny grocery store with poor selection and exorbitant prices.

I spent $125.04 at Walmart.

This is what I got:

My kiddos drink quite a bit of milk.  We need a dairy cow!

I promise the cookies are not for me….. my daughter needed them for a Valentine.

and I almost forgot these:

My teenage daughter also made a stop for me after school at Dollar General that totaled $24.04.  My total spent for the week is $149.08.

I am very pleased that I was able to stay under budget considering the number of items in these pictures that I do not normally buy.  This week we have a birthday and also Valentine’s Day, which helped account for those not normal purchases.  I thought I would have room in my budget so I purchased quite a few staples that I used up last week.


How did you do with your grocery budget this week?  Need help making a budget?  Leave your comments and questions.  

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