Taming the Trash with Organization: Part 1

Not all of our clutter is trash but it may seem like it until we get some sort of organization system in place.  Each Thursday for the next several weeks I will share organization ideas and topics, pointers and tips, and  my personal attempt to bring more organization into my life.

The first step in getting things organized is to get our plans, goals, calendar, important papers in one or two easy to find locations.  I know it can be hard to just dig in and do it, but you will feel so much better when it is done.

This week I want to talk about organizing our schedules, lists, school notes and papers, menu plans and more.  Having this information in one or two places makes it much easier to coordinate schedules, plan a menu, keep track of permission slips or other school papers, keep a to do list and many other items you may need to keep up with.

Getting organized does not have to cost money.  A fancy notebook, binder or box does not guarantee that you will ever use it.  Look through your home and find things you can use. Maybe your kids have binders and/or notebooks they are not using.  You can also find these items at garage sales and thrift stores.

The key to success in getting organized is finding something that works for you.  It will need to be user friendly for you.  One person’s organization system will not necessarily work for everyone.  Find something you like and tweak it to fit your needs or design your own system.  Right now I am going to show you a system that I currently use.

The first item I have is a 2 year planner purse calendar that I keep in my purse.

This calendar has birthdays, school dates to remember, vacation dates, deadlines, practice days, appointments, and work schedules written in.  I use the side or bottom open comment areas to record things to remember to do like purchase contacts, make a doctor or eye appointment, or just anything important to remember for a month.

The second item I have is a small spiral notebook (approx. 7 x 9) that fits in my purse.  I prefer to use one with a pocket, but have been known to add my own pocket with a plastic sleeve or file folder and tape.

This notebook goes everywhere with me.  At the back of the notebook I have a page dedicated to items I need/want for my house.  I can refer back to it when I am out at thrift shops, yard sales or just find a good sale.  It serves as a reminder of the things I would like to find.  I try to list items in order of importance.  I also have a list of things I want to sell at my next yard sale that are not with the rest of the yard sale stuff.  I note the item and where it is located.

I keep non-grocery store and email coupons in my pockets.

The front of the notebook is used for things I need to remember, things I need to buy, or just things I think of when I am out of the house.  I find that I think of many things while I am out and can jot them down in my notebook.

The third item I use is my home binder.  This binder has tab dividers with pockets on them. The pockets help store papers as well as the page protectors I use for certain items.

My tabs are labeled; household, grocery/menu planning, goals, homeschool, and college.

I keep another larger calendar in the front of my binder.  I purchased it for $1 at a dollar store.  You may have some calendars around the house given to you for free by businesses or organizations.

I used a whole punch to put holes in it so I could keep it right in the front of the binder.  I check it on Sunday’s to make sure I have transferred all new appointments.  If I make an appointment while I am at home I be sure to record it on both calendars.

Next week we will work on the first part of the binder; the to do list.  If you think this system could benefit you, gather some supplies and fill those calendars.

Do you have a home organization system?  What is your’s like?  Do you have any questions or comments about getting started?  Leave a comment below letting us know.

Hope to see you next week!



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